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Michael Cavallo

Founder & Designer Michael Cavallo of Cavallo&Co, also noted as guitarist for the Billboard Charting /Juno Award winning group, Manic Drive found his passion of hats from heavily touring in the U.S. Michael fell in love with the charming South and Wild Western fashion, fused with the edgy Rock N Roll style . From Nashville, San Antonio, New Orleans and beyond, discovering artist from a wide range of musical styles and cultures, boldly wearing exotic hats, stirred a great inspiration to craft his own. Since his humble beginnings as a Hatsmith, his company has bloomed, impacting the high Fashion scene in the Greater Toronto Area, featured in shops in Canada’s Fashion Capitol, Yorkville and worn by influential figures and celebrities. Now with his headquarters in the heart of Toronto, Michael has fully plunged into the fashion world, creating one of kind hats, quickly drawing eyes across Canada, United States and most recently, The U.K.
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