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Michael Wills

Born just outside of Toronto, Ontario, like many young Canadians, Michael Wills grew up with a hockey stick in his hands. For over 20 years, Michael put his passion and energy into playing pro hockey but little did he know, an entirely different skill would become a driving force in his life. Soon, the hockey stick would be replaced with an artist’s brush. Every piece that Michael creates is the product of an intense release of emotional energy. His passion and creativity are expressed in a kaleidoscope of colours as he glides across each canvas with a pallet knife, giving his work a rough, energetic feel, that many have referred to as “masculine” in style. Michael’s inspiration comes from the energy and movement of the city, which he feels is best captured in the city lights. Michael’s talent, passion for art, and dedication to honing artistic skills have earned him recognition and an impressive following all across North America, Europe, and Asia.
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